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 A Single Day in the DJ room

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PostSubject: A Single Day in the DJ room   Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:54 am

[09:02am] CYMRU> cant beat a good cock up lol
[09:02am] The_Scaff_Man> Very Happy
[09:02am] CYMRU> ooooooooo that looks so wrong lol
[09:02am] CYMRU> hi The_Scaff_Man
[09:04am] The_Scaff_Man> no cock ups Travis
[09:05am] CYMRU> lol
[09:06am] Travis_Bickle> lol
[09:15am] Travis_Bickle> i can probably grab this when i get back if no one else is available or whatever
[09:18am] wonderlicious> grab what
[09:21am] THistle_Thorns{A}> the cock up?
[09:21am] Travis_Bickle> i'm a macho man lol
[09:21am] The_Scaff_Man> you cant beat a good cock up lol
[09:21am] CYMRU> grrrrrrrrrrr The_Scaff_Man lol
[09:21am] Stompy> CYMRU, RWWWWWR back at ya.
[09:21am] CYMRU> im good at um too lol
[09:23am] CYMRU> oh hard cock ups? lol
[09:24am] CYMRU> mine are easy lmao
[09:25am] The_Scaff_Man> mines 14.5 inches affraid

lol! Very Happy Very Happy and You folks thought we only talk about music in there didn't ya Very Happy Very Happy lol!
(thank goodness i was asleep during this or i would still be laughing)

Anyone can stand by you when you are right, but a Friend will stand by you even when you are wrong
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PostSubject: Re: A Single Day in the DJ room   Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:49 am

[16:48:28] (wonderlicious): and gets ready to strut her stuff on the dance floor
[16:48:39] * dynamiqu3 watches
[16:48:40] * Mum gets white catsuit on
[16:48:45] * wonderlicious gets in position
[16:48:48] (Mum): oo
[16:48:55] (wonderlicious): omgggggggg

I'm just a lurker .... I know nothing....BUT Erm


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A Single Day in the DJ room
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