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 The Digital Economy Act 2010

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PostSubject: The Digital Economy Act 2010   Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:55 pm

The Digital Economy Act 2010

What is the Digital Economy Act?

The Digital Economy Act is a newly passed piece of British legislation that
is meant to protect copyright online and increase regulation and control of the
way people use the Internet.
What can you do about this?

  • Ask your candidates whether they oppose the Act. If your MP didn't bother to
    vote, ask why. Given the important implications this legislation has, it's vital
    that politicians make their position on the issue clear. E-mail your candidates
    directly using this tool: bit.ly emailyourcandidates
  • Inform your friends about the implications of the Act and the way it threats
    and the future of Internet use.
  • Join the Open Rights Group's Action e-mail list. This will keep you informed
    on further developments and give practical advice on how you can protest against
    the Digital Economy Act: http://www.openrightsgroup.org/sign-up-against-disconnection

How did it happen?

  • The entertainment industry is refusing to adapt to new models, clinging to
    obsolete 20th Century thinking.
  • The Bill was drafted by unelected officials after lobbying from the
    entertainment industry.
  • It was passed in a hurry during the Parliamentary "wash up" process without full scrutiny.

Why should you be worried?

  • Websites will be blocked for alleged copyright infringement.
  • Families accused of sharing copyrighted files will be disconnected without
    trial. They will have to pay to appeal.
  • Even if you don't live in the UK, it sets a worrying precedent for other
    countries to follow suit.

Disconnection or "technical measures" like bandwidth throttling will kick in
if file sharing does not drop by an incredible 70%. There are no alternative
punishments to disconnection, no matter what the damage it will cause, and there
is no statutory limit on the length of these disconnections, called, in the
weasel words of the Act, "temporary account suspension".
Despite thousands of letters of concern and a petition with over 35,000 signatures of protest, the Bill was
rushed through in the final days of parliament during the "wash up process" - it
was not given the full scrutiny that it deserved.
This is a piece of legislation that gives potentially unlimited power to unelected officials, and assumes guilt on the part of those
accused of copyright infringement. We can expect the industry lobbies to be out
in force to roll back our human right to freedom of expression in the name of
copyright very, very soon.
What's happening now?
Now that the Bill has been passed and the election is underway, candidates
from all the main parties are keen to distance themselves from it. They admit
that there are serious concerns and that the Bill did not receive the scrutiny
and debate it deserves.

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Number of posts : 102
Age : 52
Where You Live : Dundee/Scotland
Registration date : 2007-05-04

PostSubject: Video about new bill   Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:57 pm