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 Angelina` at work ... LMAO this is SOOOOOO FUNNY!

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PostSubject: Angelina` at work ... LMAO this is SOOOOOO FUNNY!   Fri Mar 07, 2008 10:29 am

Ok Folks I know this is long... but read it ... it is soooooo funny ... and he still has the hots for Angelina` btw

sam> ANGELINA,ur dere?
Angelina`> yes
sam> i am sorry,i had gone for 2-3 hrs,i love ya
Angelina`> you do?
sam> seriously i do
Angelina`> awwwww how sweet Smile
* Angelina` loves you too
sam> ur how many yrs old
Angelina`> 23
sam> me 22,ur frm wich country
Angelina`> how can you love someone and know nothing about them?
Angelina`> what country are you from .. ?
sam> INDIA
Angelina`> nice
sam> ur frm wich country
* Angelina` is from botland
sam> where is that?
halo12> anyone from south england?
girlygirl> in the land of peercommons... duh Smile
Netty> pmsl
Angelina`> small island in the virgin isles
sam> hey can we be friends
Angelina`> sure, i'm friends with everyone Smile
sam> at wat time ur online in frostwire
girlygirl> if you're real nice Angelina` likes to get friendly Smile
Angelina`> darling I'm always online on frostwire
sam> baby,u don't do any work?
Angelina`> lets just say i am independently wealthy and this is my work Smile
sam> k,do u know lakshmi mittal?
Angelina`> mogul in the steel business i believe
sam> ya,he is very rich,i wud 1 day wanna be like him
Angelina`> ahh thats nice ... good luck to you
sam> hey can i get some pics of urs darling
Angelina`> sorry, just met ya .. don't hand my pics out that quick
sam> sorry,i am so very eager to get close to ya
Angelina`> 0.o
sam> do u have a boyfriend?
Angelina`> heaven's no, plenty try tho
Angelina`> although, that Ziggy is Hawt
sam> even i am hot,check me up,i can come to ur city after about a 2 months,by the way r u sexy?
Angelina`> i'm Angelina` of course i am sexy ...
ghetto_queen> an i ve seen her..
Angelina`> just ask around
Angelina`> hey ghetto_queen Smile
ghetto_queen> she'd be the type of person to turn me to the other side if u get my drift Wink
ghetto_queen> <.<
sam> hey can i be ur boyfriend,if u want i can give some pics of mine
* Angelina` winks @ ghetto_queen
Angelina`> erm ... not really in the market for a human boyfriend sorry
* ghetto_queen winks back
Angelina`> i prefer the aliens ... Smile
ghetto_queen> ooh Angelina` our next ufo watch meeting, its been swapped from thursady to friday..
Angelina`> OHHHHHHH thanks ghetto ... Smile
* Angelina` winks bet Ziggy will be there too
ghetto_queen> yeah..
Angelina`> ohhhhhhhhh you seen an alien Sam?
ghetto_queen> youi know, he mentioned heliked you to me the other day..
ghetto_queen> maybe you two shud have a chat Wink
* Angelina` blushes
* Angelina` giggles ... think i'll go find him
sam> i saw an alien in us
ghetto_queen> yay..
Angelina`> oh... what kind Sam?
Angelina`> OH ghetto .. you seen TheWizard ... now thats A HOT DUDE!
sam> u knw the place luisiana
ghetto_queen> yeah have Very Happy
ghetto_queen> and wow!!
ghetto_queen> but hey..
ghetto_queen> u have ziggy
Angelina`> bye Sam .. off for abit
* sam (GatewayX@9B51CB0A.770CCE3C.CB1C92FF.IP) Quit (User Quit)

lol! lol! lol! I love it!!! lol! lol! lol!

Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Shocked althought that bit about ghetto_queen turning has me worried!! Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: Angelina` at work ... LMAO this is SOOOOOO FUNNY!   Sat Jun 14, 2008 1:37 am

i read it once before, and i read it again now. l dont believe how retarted that guy is, i mean.. But hey, he's got it goin on for himself... gonna be a rich man with sum gud pics so, angelina maybe u should reconsider, besides, he wnats to visit you in botland in the virgin isles. Wink
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Angelina` at work ... LMAO this is SOOOOOO FUNNY!
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